What You can DO

It is not the main intention to raise money through these events but to provide a service and help others to do this as well. To make these Memory Moments happen will need your support and for you to do something to help!

What You can DO:

  • Promote this idea to get more people putting on Memory Moments: tweet, link, email and talk about – make it happen!
  • Put a link on your website back to ours
  • Send us information if you could put on an event or help create a Memory Moment. Are you a band, choir, photographer, local or national organisation who can help it to happen?
  • Send us a (very) short profile with a logo and link if your organisation provides support
  • Sponsor an event – tell us and we will ensure you are recognised here. This is NOT a commercial venture but we recognise that it will need commercial support to happen
  • Short articles – send it in if you have one and we can put it on the website with links and recognition of sources
  • Circulate this flyer via email:

     Thanks for the Memory Introduction (225 KB)


This website is a resource which can and will evolve with your support.

Do something today and support Thanks for the Memory!

E: memorymoments@thanksforthememory.org.uk

Twitter: @Memory_Moments

W: www.thanksforthememory.org.uk

 If you want to support or sponsor an event in anyway please let us know and we will add you in here