Create a Memory Moment

When I hear Disney’s ‘If you wish upon a star’ I can immediately see my wife as my bride walking towards me smiling. She chose this because ‘dreams come true’ … and they did!

Music has the power to take us back to moments in our past; feel the feelings and remember the events in fond detail; and to once more relive those moments.

Last summer I was sitting on Mundesley beach, Norfolk, watching the endless trays of teas being served to families on the sands. Immediately I was 8 once more racing up and down the beach and laughing with my friends in those sundrenched sunburned days of the long summers of the 1950’s.

Sounds, Images, Perfumes, Events and Foods can all take us back to moments past.



You can create your own Memory Moment

Put together a photo album of favourite moments and share it with your relative. Create a sensory basket with smells evoking special moments from baby powder to suntan oil and perfumes … or you could put on an event and invite family and friends; or make it a public event; or talk to your local residential homes who would welcome you in.

Some ideas for such Memory Moments could be:

  • A play about a certain time in the past in period costume (1940’s perhaps)
  • Musical concert with music from past decades
  • Period tea parties
  • Tea dances
  • Old film nights – really an excuse to watch Casablanca again!!!
  • … and any more you can think of.

If you have an idea and you would like to share it or if you are planning something – let us know. We will put it here on this website with links back to yourselves.

Now lets get started …